Aqua Infant Class

Class Information

  • Years Old3 - 8 Months
  • Class Size8 per class
  • Duration30 minutes
  • Adult ParticipationYes
  • Class PriceFree

Aqua Infant

We invite new parents and babies to join us for a free AQUA INFANT class. Come and see why we are different from other swim schools and enjoy our gentle encouraging approach.

No matter how young your little one is, you’re probably looking forward to the moment when you can introduce him or her to the water for the first time. Aqua Crazy Swim School wants to make this dream a reality with a gentle, fun and safe water introduction experience.

Aqua Infant classes is a great first step to take when introducing early swim skills and the importance of water safety to your young swimmer.

Our free Aqua Infant classes is a great way for parents to bond with their babies while getting them comfortable with the water. This unique program is designed for infants between three months and 8 months old.