Our Classes

Our Classes

We offer a variety of classes including infants, toddlers and Adults between 3mths and 80 years old. Aqua Crazy Swim School classes have a low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure maximum safety, learning and fun. We also host holiday and booster clinics for those that want to improve their swim skills quickly during school holidays.

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Aqua Trial

Age: 3-15 yrs, Size: 1 per class

A once-off trial lesson for free, so give your child a kick start with a trial lesson at any one of our pools.

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Aqua Infant

Age: 3-8 mths, Size: 8 per class

Our classes is a great first step to take when introducing early swim skills & the importance of water safety to your young swimmer.

From: R150

Aqua Tots

Age: 8-36 mths, Size: 6 per class

Aqua Tots classes is an introduction to the water for the first time.

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Aqua Swim

Age: 2-15 yrs, Size: 1 per class

No matter how much exposure you little one has had to water, Aqua Swim classes is a create start to fun in the pool.

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Aqua Squad

Age: 2-15 yrs, Size: 4 per class

All of us enjoy spending time in water, Aqua Squads is designed to participate and compete as a group activity.

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Aqua Schools

Age: 2-9 yrs, Size: 4 per class

Our classes provides respective Day-care facilities with transport, so swimmers can take part in swimming as an extra-mural activity during school time.

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Aqua Adults

Age: 16-80 yrs, Size: 4 per class

Aqua Adult classes teaches basic skills such as buoyancy, breath control and propulsion in a comfortable and patient environment.

From: R600

Aqua Booster

Age: 2-14 yrs, Size: 1 per class

Aqua Booster classes build confidence & might just help with a breakthrough due to repletion by attending daily lessons.

From: R150

Aqua Advance

Age: 7-15 yrs, Size: 6 per class

Aqua Advance Classes are mainly to focused on specialized designed swimming programs.

From: R80

Aqua Aerobic

Age: 16 yrs plus, Size: 8 per class

Combination of moderate-intensity movements, non-stop class which burn calories, tone the muscles, improves coordination and cardiovascular fitness.