Aqua Schools Class

Class Information

  • Years Old2 - 9 Years
  • Class Size1 per class
  • Duration15/30 minutes
  • Adult ParticipationNo
  • Class PriceR110

Aqua Schools

Teaching swimming as an Extra-Mural activity is lots of fun and participation with their peers, "Monkey see Monkey do" in a fun activity while learning through play.

Aqua School classes remains the same as Aqua Swim and Aqua Squads.

Transport is provided by Aqua Crazy Swim School to and from the respective Day-care facilities, our drivers are fully licensed PDP Drivers and our vehicles use 3-point seat belts and fully insured and undergo required maintenance and inspection yearly.

This unique Extra-mural activity is designed for children 2 years to 9 years old.